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  日志标题: Graceful Rave
  发表时间: 2010-Jun-30 14:29:51 PM (Wednesday)   
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" And my life ends, ends my pride and glory
In the drafts I am not, not a line nor a story"

I will bury you in the sad songs
My grace in the tunes of roaring sounds
And sing you death and love lamentable
In the curse of holes and deepened grounds
Therein to sing the coughing sorrows
Lutes of harms and furious wounds

I will bury you in the sad songs
My beauty in the rot of stinking scents
And mould you deserts and soils moveable
In the motions of curves and arcing dents
Thereon to build the broken lands
Camps forsaken and isolated tents

I will bury you in the sad songs
My mirth in boredom of murdering shape
And form you despairs and miseries approachable
In the crimes of shame and smoothened rape
Therein to donate my downed soul
For mirrored spites and hate agape

I will bury you in the sad songs
My goddess in the translation of skies
And utter you rains and snows tearable
In the hells of sadness and oppressing cries
Therein to fog my orphaned horizon
With nights of mist and cloudy ties

I will bury you in the sad songs
My age in the extent of raving hade
And climb you downs and ups suitable
In the valleys of loss and grievous shade
Therein to stray the unguided strays
In wasted paths and roads preyed

I will bury you in the sad songs
My song on the wings of sorrow
And chant you cancers and grief bleedable
In ditches wide and graves narrow
Therein to die my nodding heart
Down the herbs and the ageless yarrow

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